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The body’s knowledge is a vital and dramatically neglected component of intellectual work. We offer this space for writing that sorts through what we learn (through exercise or illness or abuse or neglect) about our bodies as a thinking, laboring entities; or things that the physical reality of our bodies has taught us about other intellectual work.

jordan fag hag

The Top 10 Fag Hags of Henry James: A Definitive Ranking

Henry James numbers among the nineteenth-century’s leading dinner party guests and, not coincidentally, its worst playwrights.  Had he been born in the late twentieth century, he would undoubtedly be the most popular recurring gay on The Barefoot Contessa’s cooking show, but instead he had the great misfortune to be born in the dark days of…

georgia vagina

Not Kosher

A three-week-old tweet about Taylor Swift’s supposedly giant vagina by Jennifer Mayers, a Baton Rouge woman describing herself as Christian Trump supporter, received fresh traction yesterday. The tweet is probably a joke — targeting the outlandish misogyny of Donald Trump and (in some people’s minds) evangelical Christianity — but it comes off because most people, even…


Of Mothers and Migraines; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Read Oliver Sacks

My mother gives me a headache.  It would appear, also, that she gave me headaches.  When I spoke with a neurologist last winter about the increasingly frequent migraines I was having, I told him about my mother’s medical history.  He smiled sardonically, one adult survivor of Jewish parents to another, and said, “Well, the good…