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The Sassiest Girl In America

February 28, 2014
The Sassiest Girl In America

A few nights ago, I popped out of my gym to take a phone call, and I almost ran (bodily) into Andrea Linett, former fashion intern, then editor, for Sassy magazine; co-founder, with Kim France, of Lucky magazine; the woman behind the addictive blog I want to be her. Fashion-mag royalty, but not, like,...
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Come on, compadre. Come on!

January 8, 2013
Come on, compadre.  Come on!

There is absolutely nothing about Point Break that is not wonderful.  Even the bad parts (there are no bad parts).  You can watch this movie with anyone.  Your brother.  Your boyfriend.  Your crappy ex-boyfriend.  Your friends (all friends, over twenty years of your life).  Your students.  Maybe not your mother.  But maybe your mother-in-law. The...
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Nicks Fix

December 11, 2012
Portrait Of Stevie Nicks

The sad, wide-set eyes, carelessly lined in brown.  The white-blond tendrils slipping, elf-locks, before her ears while an Elnetted crest sweeps down her back.  The slightly drooping lower-lip.  The famously fragile, much-abused, nose. Stevie in all her guises has been with me my entire adult life.  As a leotarded, gamine Garbo; caped in black...
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