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Looking Backward

More than most movies, Back to the Future (1985) begs to be revisited: the movie and its two sequels (released in 1989 and 1990) are obsessed with repetition, re-viewing, and revision. The year 2015 also marks the very “future” promised by the trilogy—its furthest leap forward in time—a moment eagerly (very eagerly) awaited by fans. In…


Dick The Game

When Dick: A Card Game Based on the Novel by Herman Melville appeared for sale, Avidly sent a few questions to the game’s creators at Southern Methodist University in Dallas: recent graduates Chelsea Grogan and Jenna Peck, and Tim Cassedy, an assistant professor of English.  Tim, Chelsea, and Jenna sat down together to answer Avidly’s questions….


Essays that we, as ladies of early middle age, would like to see written*

  “Witty Meeting Comebacks that Indicate Your Displeasure While Concealing the (Professionally Discrediting) Whirling Dervish of Your Rage” “Throwing Money at Problems: A Justification” “Is This Sex Position Degrading or Just Uncomfortable?” “Age-Concealing Procedures: Talking to Someone While Pretending They Haven’t Had One, or, Injectables: Agreeing to Disagree” “Strangely Funny Moments in The House of…